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Have given into fashion and now am on Twitter!

My username is vixworth so feel free to come by and say hello!  I can't promise anything exciting but there will probably something... sometime....

Please... at the moment I have no followers... am so alone...

In other news... I have a fanfic bunny but was just interested to know - are people actually interested in COE fix-it fics???

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Yes people are interested in COE fix-it fics.

After much detective work, because I'm impatient like that, I followed you from ff.net, to tardis_bibbang, to here. I now know that Ianto did in fact become the Doctor's Companion.
Internet stalking... I highly approve!

As for the post COE - watch this space! It's going to be my BigBang fic... If it's finished in time! Aaargh!
Somedays my stalker-fu is strong :)

Super happy. I hope you finish, but should you not please post anyway ;)
PS... I have your icon as a t-shirt!
You have good taste.