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For Captain & Cardiff

Soooo.... in a moment of sheer madness - it was madness I tell you! - I signed up for tardis_bigbang !   And it was good!

There are 45 new stories there and at least double that many pieces of art!  It is awesome!  So please go and check it out here! as so many people have put in a lot of hard work!  Especially the mods.  And if you do read remember the cardinal rule - FEEDBACK!!

Alternatively, this is my piece of fic!  Enjoy...

Title:  For Captain & Cardiff
Author: blackhemlock 
Torchwood, New Who : Gen
Rating: PG-13 (swearing, allusions to M/M relationship) 
Word Count:  43,000 words

Summary:  "At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out... Torchwood London, demands all agencies' cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff."    Torchwood Three's Archivist has gone rogue. But, he does have a very good reason, and he looks stunning in his new suit.

Beta: [info]ebonyflames

Notes: All Latitude and Longitude positions have been taken from this website so feel free to check them out.

Also: Huge thanks to azarsuerte (Azar) and megaloo13 (Meghan) for the wonderful artwork!  It made me all giddy last night - and I am still smiling at it!!!


It's Here!!
  or... if for some horrible reason that link doesn't work the fic can also be found here


I know this is a little late, but I've only just got round to reading the Big Bang stories.

This was utterly wonderful, I love it when Ianto is strong and clever and just bloody amazing. I really enjoyed it, the way it was structured was really well done and built the tension very well. And I really want to see Ianto in superspy mode, if it's possible he would be even hotter than usual. I also love your Tosh; capable, loyal and scary when she needs to be.

I really enjoyed this, a brilliant read :)
It's not late at all - I love getting reviews at any time!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me tell you - the structuring took longer to do than writing the bloody thing and once I'd started it I couldn't go back because things didn't make sense without the structure. So, whenever anyone says they like it I can't help but do a happy dance!

Tosh is made of win - I only write what is believable! And super!spy Ianto is just.... guh!

Glad I could make you do a happy dance, for they are the best dances of all :)

And you realise I'm now craving a superspy Ianto and Tosh story, where they prove their awesomeness to everyone before they've even had breakfast. That's definitely in the pile of things to write.
Oh... I think a sequel will happen, when RL gives me a chance!

Glad you liked - or I assume you did what with the reread and all.

Thanks x
Hi... Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner... I am a bad person!

I am so glad you liked the story and have to admit... rather smug that you read before the show! Take that RTD! Out of curiosity - what were the other two?

I think though that I should be thanking you - for reading and reviewing. It is so easy to read and think - that was good - but not everyone reviews and whilst I don't write for the reviews (oh who am I kidding?! ;D ) it is so lovely to get them... So thank you very much!

As for Ianto's journeys... Yes, I am going to / do want to write his time on the TARDIS but I am attemping to finish my final year at Uni so a ton of work to do - but I will get to it! I really want to - it'll be so much fun!

Thank you again x

P.S. As a Brit - LOVE your icon!
Best friends can be annoying - getting you into shows that you have no time for... someone just did that to me with Supernatural. I am now addicted.

Guard Them... Fantastic Fic! I don't usually like fics with so many OCs in them but that one is so worth it. Not that I don't like OCs, its just that if I wanted originals to a great extent I would read original fic (if that makes sense... It does in my head but it might not in real life.)

As for COE... Personally, I will never watch it again. The quality of acting, filming and (to a degree) writing. But it destroyed the show I loved. And I have a whole rant on what I thought worked and didn't so I am not going into it again. My advise would be to watch it but only if/when you are prepared to end Torchwood as you know it.

Good luck with school. And come back to dear old Blighty - it's so much fun.
First, good luck with your last year of university.

Second, dear lord, you are godly!!! This fic is a masterpiece. Ianto's characterization, his perspective on Jack, on the Doctor, on Lisa, on his emotions = they are perfect!!! (In fact, it'd be my head-canon now, if you don't mind) You tackle all the little things that everyone else ignores: that Ianto might not like the Doctor, that the Doctor was indeed very mean, unintentionally or not, to Jake, and so much more.

I read fanfiction to satisfy and answer the questions I have that the actual show doesn't answer (plus the Janto fluff too). And, after reading this, I'm satisfied and happy. So, thank you very much for writing this and sharing it. Thank you.

:D :D :D :D :D
Thank you...

My year is almost done - 5 essays (big ones) by June 3rd and then a dissertation by August and I am done! Yay! (Although I might die from exhaustion afterwards.)

I am glad that you enjoy the fic and am delighted that it is your head canon! Stage one in my plot to take over the world is obviously going according to plan. As for the little things - I never understand why they are ignored in the show. You find so many stories there that the creators seem content to ignore. It frustrates me greatly.

Glad you enjoyed it - thank you for commenting x
hi there, this is one of my fave torchwood/dr. who stories and for some reason all my tardisbigbang stories don't have working links anymore so i was hoping you might post this story again? *begs, pleads* this story makes me happy every time i read it because it is so well written, the characters are so perfectly visualized and i hope to see a sequel if the bunnies ever bite again... so thanks for writing such an awesome story!!!!

Sorry that the tardis links don't work anymore - I've been having that very same problem recently! Anyway, I've just added a second link to the fic to the title which should take you to my fanfiction.net account.

I am, when I have the time, going to upload the entire fic to my lj but it is a monster and the logistics frankly terrify me so I'll have to wait til after uni.

As for future bunnies... yes, they are nipping at my heels but until my exams are over, no writing for me... (she tells herself sternly). Not that that is stopping the blighters. Oh well...

Enjoy x
thank you!!!!
Hay i love this fic soooo much it is amazing - can i ask if you are going to write a sequal to it because i really want to know what happens next!

if you are can you tell me
Hi =)
I just read this fic and I loved it so much! it's so well written, it's amazing =D
I already saw that you'll do a sequel but i wanted to know when are you planning on post it =)

again, thank you for such an awesome story ^^