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PSA: Friending Policy.


As I have recently had a problem with bots accessing my LJ, I have decided to alter my friending policy.

If you want to be added to my f-list, leave a comment here.

If you just want to add me, that is fine but I won't necessarily friend back unless you have an active journal and I know that you aren't a bot or something nefarious (and I love that word!).

Thanks x


Discovered you initially on fanfic.net and am completely floored by your work -- you have been blessed with an awesome power over words -- I am currently reading your TW stories there, the first two 'Chosen' and 'Friends in Dead Places' -- suffice it say, I was hard pressed to leave just a short comment -- I could have gone on forever!!! (actually, I think I probably did over 'Chosen' -- the emotions you stirred up with that story are still sending sprinkles down my spine)

So, please honour me by being my friend? Thank you so much, and I'm looking very forward to a lot more reading -- thank you for sharing.