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Fic: Chosen. (Part V)

Title: Chosen.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They stole him. Just a little. Seconds of him, snatched out of time, out of space, taken beyond the World. To protect it. To protect Him.


Jack is on the floor, Ianto is still in his arms but he isn't breathing. He isn't moving and Jack can't find a pulse. "Come on! Don't leave me... Not now!"

"Captain, move." Someone is tugging at his arm. "We have a med-kit sir, let us in!"

But Jack can't. Ianto is his, his lover and he is dead on the floor once again. His hands fly over Ianto's body, checking for some sign, some tiny insignificant sign that he hasn't just lost everything. The past few hours were nothing more than a beautiful dream and Jack's mended heart shatters. He didn't even get to say goodbye.



Jack can't look at them. All he can see is Ianto's pale face behind the sheen of his tears. "Don't leave me. Please."

He's lost lovers before, but this feels more. Ianto was more than just a lover. Ianto was his friend, his colleague, his confidant. The sex was a bonus. He'd have loved Ianto without it. "Ianto."

A petal falls, black as night, then one crimson like blood, and they land on Jack's hand. Then another. And another. It's snowing sweetly scented petals and Jack wonders if the Faeries are mourning. If they care at all for what's been lost.

"We took him." Jack looks up. The men and women, Alice and Steven included, have gathered around him and Ianto but that isn't what catches his attention. Hovering above them all, all around filling every little space, are Faeries. "We took him. Out of time. Stole minutes and took him out of the World."

"So he could save it."

They shake their tiny heads. They are mournfully beautiful, scattering their petals instead of tears. "He did it for you."

"I don't understand." Jack clutches Ianto tighter, scared that they might try to steal him again. "What did he do for me?"

"Saved you. Saved him. Saved us."

Jack shakes his head. The tears are streaming down his face and he doesn't understand. They are talking in riddles, twirling dolefully around his head and Jack just wants to understand. "Steven? He did this for Steven?"

They nod. "Father of the father of the mother of the father of the great great great great grandmother of the father of the father of the grandfather of the mother of the father of a Chosen One. Scattered across Time. Only One."

"All of this for a Chosen One!" Jack roars and some of the people stumble back. The Faeries don't though. If anything, they hover closer. "All of this for one of your precious Chosen Ones!"

"You don't understand. You can't see. He could. We Chose him. Guardian of the Chosen Ones. He agreed... For you."

They are right. Jack doesn't understand. He doesn't even care – he's lost Ianto to them and it hurts more than had Ianto just been killed by the 456. "Leave. Leave now or I'll find some way to destroy you." That said, Jack buries his face in Ianto's neck, hauling his dead weight even closer so that there isn't an iota of air between them.

Any other day the Faeries would have laughed at his threat. But not today. "Bad Wolf."

Jerking like he's been electrocuted, Jack's head snaps up. "'I bring Life.' You're wasting Time."



Rhiannon is sobbing. Even Johnny has tears on his cheeks. Gwen is clutching Rhys' shirt in one hand and Andy's hand in the other but she can't take her eyes off the television. Jack has to do something. He came back from the dead after days and Ianto's only been gone minutes. He brought back Owen, with that damned glove but this... Gwen wants to scream. This isn't fair.

They'd won.


It feels wrong, laying Ianto on the floor like that, with nothing cushioning him but Jack needs to. He's done this before, though Ianto has no idea, and Jack thinks that maybe he'll keep doing this forever, just as long as it keeps Ianto with him.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

Jack ignores his daughter, in favour of laying himself over Ianto's body. They are touching from nose to toes, their hips snug together, their chests pressed tight and Jack thinks that perhaps this is the closest they've ever been. It flickers into his head that the only way they could be closer would be if they were naked but Ianto would kill him if he stripped them down, even if it was a life saving effort. He hooks one hand behind Ianto's head, while the other threads through his wild hair and dives in for the kiss he was denied earlier.


"What the hell is he doing?" Johnny yells, entirely sure that what he is seeing is inappropriate.

"Being Jack," laughs Gwen, not caring that everyone is looking at her funnily. She knows, deep in her gut, that everything is going to be ok. Just the way she knew that Jack would come back after Abaddon.

There are more people in the room now, parents retrieving their children, but all of them have been caught up by the drama on the screen. It's more compelling than Coronation Street. No-one even seems to care that it's two men kissing and Gwen thinks that Jack would be proud. And somewhat smug.

And then angry when he realised that no one had recorded it.


Jack pushes more and more energy into Ianto's body, searching out that elusive spark that he'd been able to grip the last time. Ironically, his search is like Ianto's earlier one but Jack would probably consider it more important. His hands are now cupping Ianto's face, pulling him into the kiss. It might be his imagination but Ianto feels warmer than he did earlier.

Disturbed by the necrophilic display one of the soldiers step forward, determined to stop the man defiling Ianto Jones. He gets within inches of them, his hand ghosting over the wool of Harkness' coat before he is tossed into the wall. When he opens his eyes, he is staring into the cruel visage of a warrior Faerie, its teeth bared.

All of them are in that visage now, no longer sweet and sorrowful. They drive the humans back and away, preventing intervention. Ianto Jones will live. The Bad Wolf brings Life.

The petals are still falling and the floor is covered with them, black and bloody crimson but slowly more are turning white and red and the scent of sage begins to build. If anyone bothers to look, to realise, they would see that the Faeries are painting pictures in the flowers, speaking their own language of death and love and life in twirling petals strewn on the ground.

Jack delves deeper into the kiss. He doesn't see the crumpled soldier or the warriors protecting them. He doesn't see the petals all around and over them. All he sees is Ianto's face, wild and beautiful and alive and he chases after it like Spring does Winter. His lips are tingling, burning from the energy and for all its length and depth the kiss is entirely chaste.

Until Ianto kisses back.

He comes to life in an instant, his hands wrap around Jack and bury themselves in his hair and his tongue sneaks its way to Jack's mouth His eyelids flutter, and Jack can feel the movement against his cheeks. He can feel Ianto breathing, his heart pounding and his blood pumping and Jack just keeps kissing him because he dare not stop.

Eventually though Ianto needs the air and he takes in great lungfuls. Jack doesn't move far away, just draws back enough to watch Ianto breath and it's a sight he rates up there with the birth of a star.

The Faeries are laughing, pin-wheeling above them and the only person they let past is Steven who races towards them, kicking up drifts of rose petals.

"I love you." Jack whispers, determined to say it – if only once.

Ianto smiles and whispers back, "Good to know. I might just pass out now, Sir," before his eyes flutter closed.

He sleeps.


When Ianto wakes he is lying on a very comfortable hotel bed. He can hear a television blaring and wonders if maybe it was all a dream. But he can still smell roses and sage and feel Jack's Kiss on his lips and he knows it was real. He saved Steven. He saved Jack.

He'd been saved.

The Faeries hadn't told him that he would survive it. He'd gone into it, knowing that he would die the minute the Future was safe and he was ok with that. Jack would have been ok too, eventually, because this time he wouldn't have destroyed everything he had. He'd have still had his family and Gwen and probably Rhiannon and he wouldn't have gone chasing the stars. But that future doesn't matter anymore.

He stretches, feeling his muscles coil and relax and he wriggles his toes in soft cotton sheets. He hopes that it was Jack who put him to bed because he is quite sure he is naked. The pile of clothes on the floor kind of gives it away but in all honesty, he's alive and doesn't care if the Queen herself tipped him into bed. He's saved the world. He thinks he deserves it.

The door cracks open and the scent of coffee wafts at him, followed immediately by the scent of Jack.

"Hey there hero."

Ianto blinks lazily and smiles up at Jack. Who is clutching only one coffee cup and doesn't look inclined to share it. "Coffee?"



Jack grins. "Not until you've showered and dressed."

Looking down at his crumpled clothes Ianto scowls. There is no way he can wear the clothes he'd been in earlier, yesterday, today, they were torn and destroyed and have been lying on the floor for God knows how long.

"There are fresh clothes in the bathroom." Jack knows his lover too well. It was the first thing he sent the soldier assigned to them out for when he'd settled Ianto into their suite at the hotel. The second thing he'd done was ring Gwen.

Ianto looks disinclined to move, burrowing his way beneath the covers and so Jack really has no other choice but to rip them off him. The view is entirely worth the furious glare he receives, Ianto's long pale body stretched out just for him and Jack just has to kiss him. It's a slow, gentle kiss that isn't heading anywhere. Jack traces his tongue over the back of Ianto's teeth, stroking at his palette making Ianto's toes curl into the mattress. His hands smooth down Ianto's flanks, assuring themselves that he is still there and still his and his knee worms its way between Ianto's thighs.

A phone beeps in the other room and Steven shouts out something unintelligible but it's enough to break the kiss. Jack draws away slowly, with soft presses of lips to lips, until he can bear to let go. "They'll be here soon."

"Hmm." Ianto's arms are looped round Jack's neck and his nose is tucked between Jack's throat and his collar. There is something undeniably erotic about Jack fully clothed and pressing him into the mattress, but he is just too comfortable to do anything.

"Your sister and Gwen – they'll be here soon."

"What!" Ianto sits up, barely missing head-butting Jack, and looks round the room wildly. "How long?"

"Ten minutes?"

Ianto growls and pushes a laughing Jack off him, hurrying into the bathroom. "UNIT sent a chopper for them, by way of a thank you!"

"Some thank you," Ianto mutters twisting the shower knob.

"Want any help in there?" Jack leers.

Ianto puts his head round the door. "No. You stay there." He ducks back into the bathroom. Then changes his mind. "Actually, go get me a coffee. Then maybe you can scrub my back."

Jack stretches as he gets off the bed. "Mr Jones," he says, kissing Ianto gently, "You are a whore for coffee."

"I only said you could scrub my back. The rest depends on how good the coffee is."

Jack swats him, catching his bare buttock with a satisfying smack of flesh on flesh. "Shower. I am not facing Gwen alone."

"It's my sister you have to worry about. They've had time to compare notes."

Jack groans and Ianto laughs, feeling freer than he has done in a long time. Jack starts shoving him back into the bathroom. "Get in there and clean up."

"Sir, yes sir." Ianto says, saluting Jack before dashing back into the bathroom before he gets another smack.

"Don't sass me Jones!"

Ianto chuckles as he hears the door to their room shut before stepping into the shower. The water tumbles over him, warm and clean, and Ianto smells roses and sweet water and he smiles. He thinks that maybe, just maybe, he's still a part of it.



That was awsome. I love fics where Ianto has a conection to the faries, and CoE fix its are even better. Love how damm kick ass and scary he was while acting as a mouth pice for them. Thanks so much for posting this.

Thank you. I have to admit, whilst I love CoE fix-its I didn't want a cliche and the Faeries solved that one for me.

I am really glad that you found him scary - because I thought he should be just a little insane and mad. The Faeries are and the Wild is so naturally he would be too.

Thanks for commenting.
This is a really well thought-out concept and it worked beautifully! Everyone was totally in character as far as I could see and it flowed nicely as a story.
Thank you so much. Everytime someone thinks they are in character I have to pull out my victory dance because - yay! that is what I am aiming for!

Thank you!
That was brilliant. I love COE fixs it and I loved your use of the faeries in this. They work, of course they would have gotten involed if a chosen one was in danger.

And then angry when he realised that no one had recorded it.-I cracked up at the line. That would so be a Jack reaction.
It really would - Jack would be like - I was there, kissing a hot man on tv and you MISSED IT!!! ... Until Ianto reminds him that it must be on YouTube somewhere ;)

I am really glad you enjoyed it.

Re: wow

Wow - thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.
This is really lovely. I love this portrayal of the Janto relationship -sweet, but not soppy and completely in character. And your Ianto seriously kicks some ass.
I don't think that Jack and Ianto could really pull off soppy - but they are definately sweet!

Of course he kicks ass - anyone who can manage Jack's schedule has to be kick ass.

Thanks x
OMFG! This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. I'm not overly fond of most CoE fix-its - they seem too contrived. But this works beautifully. And makes sense in the context of what we already know about the 456 and the Fairies and all the other character.

Well done!!
Oh thank god it wasn't contrived. I would have hated that.

I really wanted something plausible but a little fantastical and thought that the Faeries were perfect. We already know that they are capable of anything so why not this?

Thank you for you kind comments x
This was amazing! Spent half the time holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I love the interaction between Gwen and Rhiannon. Just... truly amazing.
I think Gwen and Rhiannon would get on - eventually. I imagine that there would be teething problems, especially as Gwen told Rhiannon that her brother was dead but I think that they would work.

Glad you liked it - and that it had some suspense for you. It's really hard to find any when you are writing it because you know the ending but I am glad it worked.

Thanks x
Thank you so much for reading this! And commenting!

Of course Jack saved Ianto... He just had to!

Thank you x
This is brilliant! Now that you bring it up, I can't imagine that the Faerie would stand by and watch the 456 mess things up (course, they aren't alone - CoE bothered me in so many ways). This was so well-written and paced! Thank you!

And also, so it's said? "It's my sister you have to worry about. They've had time to compare notes." That line is going to have me cackling for a while.
I really would love to read a fic where Rhiannon meets and grills Jack. She would be torn between being a bit star-struck and a protective older sister.

And the Faeries - I don't think they would sit back but what I wanted was for them to give the humans a chance and then when that didn't work step in. So this was kind of a rewind so CoE happened and then they picked it apart...

If that makes sense?

Thanks x
"Big. wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey..."

C'mon, of all the canons out there, Whoverse practically has save points built it! It makes complete sense.
That's very true! Who-verse is so user-friendly that way... You can reboot the Doctor or just rewind time. It's perfect really.

I suppose that's why the creators did it that way - it'll never end!
Amazing story! I just loved this. It's brillant that you used the fairies, makes perfect sense that they wouldn't take too kindly to the 456 messing with children. And Ianto got to be the hero and was saved too, getting the second chance he deserves. So much better than the hopeless tragic ending we got in canon. Thanks!
Thank you.

CoE really ticked me off so I had to change it. You are right - it was just too hopeless and bleak, there was nothing uplifting about it. I wanted to change that.

Enter the Faeries. Who better than to send the 456 packing then Earth's own demons?

Thanks x


Thank you for this story. It is obviously what should have happened! You have written it beautifully!
Hope to read many more of your stories. Pat

Re: Chosen

Thank you very much. RTD really should have used the Faeries... he totally missed a trick there.

I hope the rest don't disappoint.

Thanks x
Huh. Wow. Awesome.
Thank you!
Oh wow! This was fantastic!!

I was holding my breath too.

Feasible plot, great characterisation, kick ass Ianto *and* fairies! Excellent CoE fix-it. Very well done.
Thank you so much! That you needed to hold your breath is a real compliment!

I am really glad you liked it!
I loved this, I like a good fix-it, me. This was an excellent idea, using the fairies, of course they would stop the 456, it makes total sense. The interactions were great and I really liked Steven and his adoring Ianto, very cute. I would love it if you wrote what happened next, especially as you leave it with a little tease .
I have this image of them all sat in a hotel room trying to work out what to say to each other - especially Rhiannon to Jack. And this other scene of Ianto being mobbed... So a coda/sequel might be possible.

I am really glad that you liked it. I really found Steven sweet and thought well, he worships his Uncle Jack but how would he react to someone who saves him - hence the Hero Worship.

Thanks x

wow, great fic! loved how you blended the the Fairies into COE and that scary/fun not-quite-Fairy!Ianto was amazing and Jack's trust in Ianto? perfect. :D

...now when's your series 4 due? :-}

Series 4... Are you trying to kill me? ALthough... hmm...

I am really glad you enjoyed it - and liked my mad FaerieIanto!

Thank you x
Loved this! Well thought out plot, excellant characterization...just wonderful. Ianto as the spokesperson for the Faeries was delicious - wild, free, young and eerily sinister.
Great job! ::mems::
I so love hearing that people think I've pulled of the characterisations! I don't care if they follow that up by hating the story... it's all about character!

That being said - I love that you loved it! It works because... well... Ianto is awesome! And so are the Faeries!

Thanks for commenting x
Wow. Just wow. I accidentally stumbled across this and I think it has just made my day. Wonderful and absolutely beautiful.
Awh thank you - I glad you enjoyed it!
beautiful, just beautiful...
"What the hell is he doing?" Johnny yells, entirely sure that what he is seeing is inappropriate.

Wow. Coming from Mr. Inappropriate himself, that line made me giggle. (though the kiss of life had me completely breathless.)

Fantastic and clever fix-it.
Johnny was indeed inappropriate but really, Jack took the cake! God - imagine the two of them in a room... the mind boggles.

I am glad that you giggled though. Love it when that happens.

Thanks for the comment x
One of the most amazing fics i've read and definetly the best CoE fix.

Absolutely loved it.
Awh thank you. I am really glad that you enjoyed it.


I mean, yes, Day 5 happened, BUT THIS HAPPENED TOO IN MY WORLD, GOT IT? /glares darkly at potential objectors/

Faerie!Ianto is BRILLIANT.
Thank you very much. I have to admit - this is my personal canon too!

I am really glad that you liked it!
That’s clever, using the Faeries to rework the CoE storyline. Plausible as well, given their protectiveness of children and ability to manipulate the natural world and time. A well written story, with good characterisation and a lovely ending for Jack and Ianto. I enjoyed reading this, thank you.
This is gorgeous. I love the idea of using the Faeries as a 'fix it'. I also kind of really enjoyed crazy!Ianto. Something about the thought of him manic with the same merciless joy as the Faeries makes me happy inside. :)
this is how CoE should have ended. with a connection to previous episodes, it makes you wonder right? why didn't the fairies come out to protect the children. there must have been some chosen ones among them all.

great story!