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ianto in blue

RTD's hypocrisy...

Having just read this article I couldn't help but notice this statement regarding the character of Rose:

"she was enormously popular and so — let's be blunt — every time I brought her back, the ratings went up. It's my job to make people come back to watch this. Sometimes people roll their eyes and go, "Oh, you've got another returning character." [To which I respond] "Yeah, leave me alone with my millions, thank you very much." So you know, it simply works. Plus we like Billie... So simply by dint of being her, she's come back the most often. I think that was a very special chemistry between her and Chris and between her and David, and it's very fondly remembered."

Does anyone think that this all the more insulting given his comments that only "nine" people are protesting over Ianto?  If he bowed to fan pressure in the past and openly admits it how can he be making the statements he is now?  Quite obviously he does play favourites with his characters, which to a degree is understandable - they must be like 2d children.  However, surely the rules that govern one must govern another.  Or is it only Gwen and Rose that get the special treatment???

And, as for the justification that losing Ianto is Jack's penance for defeating the 456.  Surely losing his grandson and consequentially his daughter is enough of a penance?

Grr... am slightly annoyed!

ETA... woman_of_ is running a Popularity Contest for Who and Torchwood characters here... Go Vote!


I think he views Rose and Gwen through rose tinted glasses. I'm not particually fond of either of them, but he clings to them. If he had really taken into account the favourite companion, it would be Donna, not Rose.

Of course if he had taken into account favourite character in Torchwood it would've been Ianto, not Gwen.

I think that it is more a case that he, for whatever reason, likes writing them. Alas I don't think either were really well written.
Jack also spent 2000 years buried alive as penance for... as a scared child, while running, not being able to hold onto a younger child's hand. Plus lost two of his team.

Why would he need to do penance for saving the world anyway? For sacrificing his grandson, maybe, but that's its own penance.
kelticbanshee posted a link to your journal and I thought I'd weigh in.

'If he bowed to fan pressure in the past and openly admits it how can he be making the statements he is now?'

I think he only wants fans who agree with him and anyone else is just a 'crazy fangirl' who doesn't understand his genius.